February Focus: Intention + Action

February is an excellent month. Not only do we get to see Black history and culture celebrated, it’s a short month where goals seem 1-2 days easier to achieve. For me, February is about intention. As the second month of year, many may feel this month is when the new year really starts. I can’t say that I’m not one of those people.

2019 was off to shaky start for me. Last month, I tried and failed ‘Dry January,’ experienced a romantic disappointment, and raised my credit score. All was not bad. But, did I drink more than I should have after being sober for the first 10 days? Absolutely. Did I struggle emotionally, and slack on my wellness goals? Hell yes. February is already different, because I entered this new month with intention.

intention: a determination to act in a certain way: RESOLVE

I remember physically committing to not drinking in January. However, mentally, I had no intent behind my actions. I realized that I lacked intention in my attempts to accomplish that particular goal. I was not determined that I would not drink, regardless of what transpired in my life. It was obvious that I could be swayed, but I’ve decided that this month is different. I will be an uninhibited doer, because I am establishing intention with everything I pursue. Below are some things I am focusing on. Feel free to join me!

Fit February

I’m working out every day this month. I did this workout challenge with my best friend last year, and I promise you, my butt had to have grown a full inch, in a good way. So, grab a friend or group who will hold you accountable, and get moving. The only rule is to do a minimum of 30 minutes of strenuous physical activity per day. I’m not saying you have to go hard every day, but make it count. Boxing has been my favorite go-to, kickass workout, literally. Read on for links to the gear I use.

Creative Sessions

This is something I have been doing for a couple months already. I am continuing the momentum this month by committing to two-hour creative sessions once per week at various coffee shops– which I will tell you guys more about in future posts. I’m writing this post from my favorite L.A. cafe, Bar Nine.

Solo Weekends

I really wanted to go on a solo trip this month, but my budget is limited, so I’m deciding that I do not have to go out of town to disconnect with others and reconnect with my inner-self. So, as an act of self-care, I’m doing solo outings one or two weekends this month. It all started today, where I checked out a local brunch spot on my own. This liberation is necessary to become more comfortable with myself, and begin attracting the correct people and opportunities into my space. Doing things alone will help me become more self-aware. It can help you too!

Tax Filing

This goal may seem small compared to the soul searching tactics I’m employing this month. However, we often put tax-filing off until the last minute (I know you procrastinators are reading), causing unnecessary stress. Why not just mitigate the headache by filing our taxes in February? The bigger goal is to move one step closer to eliminating the habit of procrastination. We have to start somewhere.

Positive Affirmations 

LET. ME. TELL. YOU. This should have been number one on the list. Every day this month, I must remind myself how amazing I am. We manifest what we feel and speak of ourselves. Why not be your own biggest fan? You deserve it. We deserve it. I’m hyping myself up every day this month. In addition to strategically placing my 2019 vision board in front of my bed (so it is one of the first things I see when I wake up every morning), I recently purchased a dry-erase board, on which I write positive messages about myself. I have also placed this message board in a prominent position in my space, and I read these affirmations out loud to reinforce them.


Let’s kill it for the rest of February, and set ourselves up for success in March!