April Focus: Action + Consistency

As we enter the second quarter of 2019 with April, it’s time to get serious and take action. We’re already invested (enough) in our fitness journeys, and we have some overall wellness practices in place, right? As I learn to love and honor myself more each day, I am aware that every day is a unique opportunity for us to chip away at our goals. Did I seize the 31 opportunities that March gave me? If I’m being honest with you guys, no! This is exactly why I’m focusing on action in April. I’m not referring to the cute little physical action from February that got us closer to our ideal physiques; I’m talking about action that will set us up for success with our finances and our chosen career paths.

This will require consistency, something with which I struggle. However, I’ve grown so tired of my self-imposed limitations that I’m actually going to get my shit together now. I am in control. You are in control. We are in control.

I overspent in March and fell shy of my monthly savings goal. This is partially related to the amount of money I spent on facials, swimsuits, and eating out– I definitely developed a CAVA addiction. So this month, I’m saving money every single day with a 30-day money challenge. The daily amount will correspond to the date (so, on the first, I saved $1, and on the 30th, I’ll save $30). I’ll deposit to my savings account at the end of each week.

I’ve committed to the following actions in April. Join me:

  • Write or journal every day (Feel free to modify this based on your passion; just do something that will help you improve your craft every day)
  • Complete the 30-Day money challenge
  • Work out 4-5 times per week
  • Eat a fruit + veggie every day