My Story

Hey ya’ll, I’m Kendra D. Quinn, the Denim & Lipstick Girl. I’m a published writer and social media marketing strategist. I’m passionate about the journey of curating the life I’ve always wanted. For me, this includes self-love/wellness practices and creative self-expression through words and personal style. It does not include being boxed in or defined.


In 2015, I thought it was cool to pack up my tiny coupe and leave my hometown, St. Louis, Missouri to start a new life on the West Coast. I came to Los Angeles with a seasonal retail gig and no place to live. I even blogged about my journey on Tumblr. I hope my story can inspire other women to live in their purpose, follow their dreams, and live their best lives. That is why I created this magical space on the web.

MY blog is a community for creators. We are uninhibited. We are all on a journey, and we all have unique perspectives and stories to share. I hope that my story can help to inspire others–especially women–to love themselves fearlessly, walk in confidence, and find purpose.