Three Reasons You Need A Vision Board

January is practically over already. Retail workers have stopped saying, ‘Happy New Year,’ and people have already caved on their new year resolutions. As the gym empties, and people settle into their routines, it’s not too late to create a vision board dedicated to your 2018 goals. Aside from the fact that vision boards are trendy and fun to create, here are three reasons why you need to make one, like yesterday.


If you’ve been feeling uninspired, a vision board is the cure. I was overwrought with inspiration as I searched for content for my board. As I browsed through Pinterest and magazines, I read articles, discovered new ideas, and cut out words that resonated with me. The creative process is both enlightening and relaxing.


Sometimes, you have to motivate yourself, and making a vision board presents the perfect opportunity for you to be your own cheerleader. Depending on the size and style of your board, you can have a chronological layout which helps you track your goals by month. I used a Post-it cork board and included monthly stickers to help me visualize the time increments in a year. Knowing that I only have 12 months to prioritize and accomplish all of my ridiculous, yet attainable, goals is extremely motivating. Go ahead, use your vision board to hype yourself up!


I’m sure you want to do great things this year. We all do. However, you absolutely won’t accomplish anything without accountability. Vision boards are basically the equivalent to your mom yelling, “Get off the couch!” Well, maybe they are slightly more appealing. Creating a vision board and strategically placing it somewhere you will see it everyday is a great way to hold yourself accountable when working towards your goals. After all, your board represents your dreams and desires, and it’s up to you to go out there and make it happen this year.

Check our my vision board below.