March Focus: Wellness + Manifestation

March is one of my favorite months for many reasons: Fit February is over and my butt has grown a half-inch (rejoice, future husband), spring is coming, and it’s Women’s History Month. Why not celebrate? This month, it’s time to harness your power and focus on making history, which brings me to my themes for the month: wellness and manifestation. I cannot make history if I’m struggling with stress, poor eating, and lack of balance. So, if you followed my Fit February journey, I invite you to keep that momentum and expand upon it in March, where we’ll set ourselves up to accomplish our wildest dreams this year.

wellness: the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal.

You will never reach your body goals if you simply lift, do cardio, or any workout for that matter. Though, such activities will get you results, those results are typically temporary or terminal if you’re not leading a healthy lifestyle. Let’s get real for a second. I want to share the ugly side of Fit February with you all.

It was a damn struggle. I rushed through some of my workouts. I barely stretched, causing muscle tightness and back pain. Due to poor time management and stress, having a glass of wine was, at times, my sole motivation for getting to the gym after a long day. I also got into an abusive relationship with carbs, that left me wondering if I’ll ever achieve a six pack, or let alone healthy digestion.

However, I pushed through, and now that I have the working out part down, it’s time to make some lifestyle changes. You with me? Good. Let’s commit to the following wellness practices this month:

  • Yoga + meditation: 2-3x per week
  • Cardio: 2x per week
  • Affirmations: Daily (I don’t care if you have to scream, I AM THE SHIT, at the top of your lungs; do what works best for you).
  • Fruit + veggies: Daily

When we are in good health and feeling well, we are more likely to manifest our goals.

What does it mean to manifest?

manifest: to make evident or certain by showing or displaying.

Manifesting is all about realizing things, and this happens when we put action behind our beliefs. I believe I will publish my poetry e-book book, raw denim. in the extended paperback version, but I just haven’t gotten around to it. And guess what? I have every bit of control over that. You have the power to manifest the things you want. I understand how easy it is to get caught up in the day-to-day grind, but we can’t let our desires and dreams get lost. My advice: do something every day (no matter how small) that will put you one step closer to that manifestation. We’ve got this. Below are a few resources (either gathered from amazing people or stumbled across) that you may find helpful this month:

Happy March! Comment with your goals!