My List: Hot Girl Summer Essentials

We’ve reached the middle of summer, but it’s not too late to have that ‘hot girl summer’ that Megan Thee Stallion declared! We can still have fun, be ourselves, and live our best lives before the weather cools down and we start being less active. By the way, have you guys listened to Hot Girl Summer, the rising star’s highly-anticipated single, featuring Nicki Minaj? You should. It’s always nice to see women joining forces and supporting each other, so of course, I’m streaming it. In the heat of this hot girl summer, I’m happy to share with you some essential lifestyle products that have been keeping me healthy and happy. Check out my list below.

Tend Skin Rollerball

In this hot girl summer, I’m just trying to have smooth, hair-free skin with no ingrown hairs.

Seriously. I have been using Tend Skin since the spring, but I’ve been shaving and waxing more frequently. I mean, who’s trying to ‘drive the boat’ with pesky ingrown hairs? I recently switched to the Tend Skin rollerball, because it’s portable, and so much easier than using cotton rounds, especially in the bikini area. Invest in this product, and say goodbye to ingrowns and cotton residue on your stubble hair after shaving!

Black Girl Sunscreen

We can’t have a hot girl summer without sun protection.

I heard about Black Girl Sunscreen on a podcast, and thought it was a joke. So, I searched Instagram, and discovered that it was indeed real, and probably the most awesome thing to be invented. It’s a natural, vegan sunscreen moisturizer, made with women of color in mind. As promised, the product leaves no white cast. I’ve used it on my face and body. It’s super lightweight and non-irritating.  You can purchase it online, and it can also be found at Target.

Kieba Massage Lacrosse Balls

As you guys know, I’ve been pretty active since February, working out an average of four times per week. On my fitness journey, I’ve experienced a bit of muscle discomfort and lower back pain due to my mild scoliosis. So, I began to see a chiropractor for adjustments, and I was recommended these lacrosse balls as a means of massage therapy after my workouts. I pretty much roll my lower back against them in a wall sit position– life changing.

Grab one of these to make sure your back is prepared for sporadic twerking this summer.

bkr Water Bottle

I don’t care what the Internet is saying, but you have to stay hydrated if you’re even thinking about having a hot girl summer. How else will you combat the dehydrating effects of drinking alcohol?

Let’s party responsibly and drink more water than normal. In my opinion, water tastes better when you’re drinking it from a fancy BPA-free bottle. Oddly enough, drinking from my bkr bottle motivates me to drink more water. Call my crazy, or try it out for yourself– there are plenty of seasonal colors that go on sale on the bkr website!

Pure Enrichment Cool Mist Humidifier

It’s scorching hot this summer in most parts of the country. While air-conditioning is a necessity, so is retaining a healthy amount of moisture in the air, because breathing is kind of important.

Here’s the deal: if you live in a desert climate like me, you need a cool-mist humidifier to survive the dry heat. Megan Thee Stallion wasn’t being literal when she declared a hot girl summer.

In the summer, when I blast my AC overnight without a humidifier, I wake up with dry eyes and skin. Since I grabbed this small and effective humidifier, I’ve been waking up refreshed. My allergies haven’t bothered me either. Grab one of these before summer’s up! I promise you won’t regret it.