Three Reasons Why Coffee Dates Are The Best First Dates

Navigating the dating landscape in your early thirties can be challenging, if not downright exhausting. For those of us who are single, but know what it is we are looking for in a partner, dating can feel like an endless race against time. If you’re anything like me, time is more valuable than ever in your life. My time is money– I don’t care how cliché it sounds. At this point in my life, if my interactions with other humans do not elevate or fulfill me in any way, what is the point? This is exactly why I’ve learned to embrace dates that will literally awaken my thoughts about a potential partner in low-impact environment. Coffee dates are awesome first dates for many reasons, but mainly for the three below.

They are time-efficient. 

As mentioned, time is of the essence, especially as a working adult. Many of us are not only working full-time career gigs, but also simultaneously working toward several personal goals, focusing on wellness, and maintaining healthy relationships with friends and family.

Sometimes, life can become overwhelming, especially as a young adult trying to navigate your personal journey and find your purpose within the greater scheme of things.

I don’t always have time for dinner and a movie, ‘Netflix and chill,’ or any date that is going to last more than 1.5 hours on a Saturday (Nine-to-fivers know that Saturday is the main day to get that adulting done that you missed during the week). Coffee dates are usually short and sweet, with just enough time to get a feel for someone.

They are relatively safe.

The world is a wild place. As a woman, you must constantly be aware of your surroundings, which brings me to another reason why I love coffee dates: safety. Most cafes close by 7pm, which means your date will likely occur in broad daylight, not in some poorly lit bar. It’s highly unlikely that folks are out here putting roofies in coffee or tea– though I won’t put it past people.

There is a constant flow of people in cafes, and there’s no shortage of friendly patrons and vigilant baristas that are eager to keep an eye out for customers when they leave their laptops and drinks unattended for a bathroom break.

They have a very low financial commitment.

I know that as women, it’s easy to label a man as broke when he asks you out for coffee as a first date, but hear me out on this one. Maybe, just maybe, he respects your time as well as his, or maybe he understands your skepticism to go out with him in the first place. It actually works out for both parties. You guys get an unfiltered feel for one another. Factors such as money, split checks (yikes), and rounds of drinks (unless you’re a caffeine addict like me) are removed from the situation. It’s just you, your date, and an inexpensive beverage that won’t cloud your perception of who they truly are.