Jammin’ July: Recreation + Self Care

Here we are, in the month of July. The second leg of 2019 has officially taken the baton, and we’re on a mad dash to finish this year strong. We’re gonna kill the rest of the year. In fact, we’re just getting started. I don’t know about you guys, but I feel both proud of what we have accomplished thus far, and optimistic about the future. So this month, I’m focusing on pairing many of the self-care habits I’ve already formed with more recreational activities.

The summer is a great time to have some fun without getting off track. I may be silly for believing that you can still have a great time while working towards your goals. So be it. We’re working hard and playing harder this month.

Work and play need to compliment each other in our lives. This month, let’s say yes to one fun activity outside of work each week! I started my month off with a day trip to Santa Barbara and Solvang, California for a friend’s birthday. In less than 24 hours, I did five wine tastings, fed some ostriches, and soaked in a hot tub, twice. It was the most carefree day I’ve had in a while. So I thought to myself, this is what life is all about– saying yes to random adventures and doing the things that we enjoy, in good company.

So the challenge this month is to unplug and connect with your family and friends. Party, jam, travel, explore your city, or just do whatever makes you feel alive. I’m charging you one new recreational activity each week, and of course, our summer self-care basics:

  • Work out 4-5x per week
  • Stay hydrated for that summer glow (I’m loading up on water and celery juice)
  • Take ALL your vitamins + supplements daily –stay tuned for my list!