Just Be June: Grounding + Clarity

After all of the action we’ve taken, and after all of the amazing momentum we have built this year, it’s important to pause and tune in to our thoughts and feelings. When you’re constantly moving, going hard in the gym, and crushing goals, it’s easy to become drained, perhaps even by your own awesomeness. Shit happens. Somewhere in the middle of May, I began to feel super overwhelmed by life. By attempting to focus on too many things at once, I felt as if I was spreading myself too thin. I began to feel stuck– this was, in part, due to serving as a sounding board for too many people, and ignoring my own mental and emotional limitations. Things became a bit fuzzy, and it’s time to make them clear again.

I recently started my grounding process in May. I began by cleaning my space, decluttering, and throwing out/donating items that were no longer serving me. I bought a new rug and candle, which did wonders for my mental state. These were great first steps, but not quite enough. I realized that getting back grounded and remaining that way would require more of a conscious effort.

I’m stepping into June with a new level of self-awareness and commitment to get back grounded and on the right path. Before taking any further action, it’s important that I get back to myself and gain clarity as it relates to my personal journey. If you’ve been feeling frustrated or drained lately, I encourage you to join me. We can start by asking ourselves these questions:

How do I feel? How is my mental health?

What motivates me? What is motivating my actions?

Am I loving myself properly?

Do I feel alive?

Do I feel in control of my life? 

By tapping into how we actually feel in this moment, I am hopeful that we can gain more clarity about our true selves and move with intention this month, and the rest of the year.

Next, let’s make sure we are doing grounding activities that work for us. This month, I’ll be doing the following to become better friends with the Earth and myself. Feel free to modify and join me.

  • Skateboarding (or physical activity of your choice) once or more per week
  • Running outside once or more per week
  • 10-minutes of meditation every morning
  • Barefoot beach (or park) walks once per week

If you’re unsure on what grounding is or how to do it, this article really helped me. Let’s just focus on being and get back on track this month.