Self-love Challenge: Confidence Recap

Confidencenoun  con·fi·dence  \ˈkän-fə-dən(t)s, -ˌden(t)s\

  • a feeling or consciousness of one’s powers or of reliance on one’s circumstances
  • the quality or state of being certain

Last week was all about confidence. Though, achieving balance proved to be more difficult than anticipated, such is life. I’m here for the challenge.

To me, confidence is being so sure of yourself that no one can possibly tell you who you are. Confidence is silent and remains resilient through struggles. It is fueled by intuition. It is simply knowing who you are and having faith that you can overcome any obstacle you may face. It’s a powerful thing, and one that I find critical to loving yourself unconditionally.

Confidence is something that we all have struggled with at one point in our lives. That is why Genesis and I decided to dedicate an entire week to building a habit of unapologetic confidence. I kicked off last week by posting this picture on Instagram.

Prior to last week, I had been actively building my confidence through my daily affirmations; verbally declaring myself beautiful, worthy, and blessed in the mirror every morning. Weirdly enough, it made a huge difference. By the time last week rolled around, I was owning who I was; I enjoyed who I saw in the mirror, and I truly felt attractive, so much so, that I pushed the envelope and posted my cheeky photo on Instagram. Sorry, not sorry. Life is too short to not love yourself. So, I owned it.

This photo was only the beginning. I made a commitment to speak with more certainty. Sometimes, as a woman, it’s easy to be less declarative in our statements, less stern in our tone, and less firm with our words. So last week, I tried to hold my ground in every conversation, standing behind my words and actually feeling my emotions without inhibition. It was difficult, yet liberating. The less I tried to justify myself, the more I believed myself, and when you believe yourself, others follow suit. It is that level of self-certainty– that unfiltered confidence– that I want to carry on beyond this challenge.