Self-love Challenge: Balance Recap

Balance, balance, balance. This has been the story and struggle of this month. Excuse me for falling off the grid, and neglecting to document the self-love challenge these past couple of weeks. So, here goes it.

Balancenoun  bal·ance  \ˈba-lən(t)s\

  •  equipoise between contrasting, opposing, or interacting elements
  • mental and emotional steadiness

To me, balance is making sure you cover all of your bases in life without neglecting yourself. I have touched on balance in several blog posts. I find it vital to living an effective lifestyle. In a way, you do yourself a disservice when you fail to balance life’s priorities.

I traveled to Mexico on May 9, I had a conversation with Genesis about how much I needed the trip to unplug and find that work-life balance that I so desperately sought. During the trip, I journaled and tried not to think of my responsibilities, as I spent 4 days, inebriated on an all-inclusive resort with some of my best lady friends. It was great. Then, upon my return, the madness flared back up, and I worked harder than the days leading up to the trip.

I tackled this busy past week by visualizing the reward, which was sleeping in on Saturday morning. I was a time managing beast, and I tried not to be too hard on myself for not being able to squeeze out a blog post. No matter how overwhelming things got, I made it a priority to set aside a few moments to myself. That mental ‘me time’ is where I find my balance.

I guess, what I’ve learned so far on this self-love challenge (especially during the week of balance) is that we don’t have all the answers, and as much as loving ourselves requires taking control of our thoughts, it also requires relinquishing control of our external circumstances.

It’s okay to let life just, well, happen. Less social media, per the advice of a good friend and more life, in the words of Drake. That’s exactly how I’ve been living these past couple of weeks, and though I have my moments, I am genuinely happy. Through affirmations, I speak love and positivity into my life, through discipline, I tackle my responsibilities and find the balance that facilitates self-love.