I’m here to break the awkward silence that results from my personal style. But the first rule to being a tomboy (or ‘cool girl’) is to disregard every opinion. I’m not the late Steve Jobs, but I’ll admit, I have a knack for establishing and rotating uniforms that seems to suit my lifestyle in California. Lately, my uniform includes, my DIY ripped black jeans, Calvin Klein underwear, a tied t-shirt or tank, sneakers and a jacket. Since I tend to wear a lot of black, I’m not afraid to amplify my style with edgy accessories, a flirty midriff/sag, and multiple metallics. I’ll still be taking pictures at your nearest graffiti wall– Koreatown will do.

At this rate, I’ll be single forever, and guys will start wanting me to open doors for them.

Denim: Joe’s Jeans

Top: Zara

Jacket: Misguided

Hat: H&M

Shoes: Puma

Choker: Topshop

Earrings: Old Navy

Necklace: A boutique in St. Louis

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