6 Ways To Regain Inspo In 2017

Up until a couple of weeks ago, I had been feeling creatively dead. I hadn’t written a post in ages. I hated my wardrobe, and being sober was becoming boring. Not too long ago, a glass of red wine would put me in my zone, and with just one glass, I’d be ready to write something impactful. Lately, all it has inspired is a second glass of wine. I digress.

Whenever, I’m in a creative funk, I feel robotic, monotonous, and void of emotions. Ironically, I suspect that bottling up too many emotions causes these phases in the first place. Jesus, take the wheel. This creative death happens more often than it should. It can be caused by a number of factors, such as a demanding work schedule, family obligations, or stress. So, in efforts to find that inspiration that could resurrect my creative juices, I had to make some adjustments. From me to you, I hope these tips can help you regain your inspo too.

When you do have an idea or goal, write it down. 

I’m not a huge fan of New Year resolutions, but there’s something about January 1 that makes us examine the value and impact of the concept of time in our lives. It gives us an opportunity to reflect and to think about how we are going to map out the next 365 days. This is a powerful thought, and I’ve realized that whether I plan to accomplish something in a year or even a week, I have to first, write it down. Simply getting that idea or goal on paper is the first step toward manifestation. Creating a vision board is helpful too!

Take something old, and make it new. 

Perhaps the most depressing part of my creative death was the lack of inspiration that my wardrobe brought me. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a shopaholic, and my closet is full of cute clothes that never wear. It’s a mix of classic, androgynous, and edgy pieces from which I had formed a solid 10 outfits. Shameful. To get my creative juices back flowing, I challenged myself to take something I hadn’t worn in a while and style it with some of my newer pieces. This spiced up my normal morning routine of grabbing whichever pair of jeans that I had already worn twice and throwing on whichever graphic tee-shirt was clean and fit my mood.

Out with the old, in with the new. 

Some things just belong in the past, like that bad habit of not eating before a night of drinking or that God-forsaken cardigan that will never again see the light of day. To regain inspiration, get rid of something old and replace it with something new. My favorite example of this is my Poshmark hustle. Whenever I sell something in my closet, I replace it with a new garment, also known as justifying my shopping problem. This method of regaining inspiration does not only apply to your wardrobe. Replace one of those bad habits with a newer, more productive ritual.

Get physical!

Walking won’t single handedly heal broken hearts or solve all your problems, but it fucking helps. The benefits of walking don’t stop at heart health. I have found it to be highly effective in helping with inspiration. Since I started working a traditional nine-to-five work schedule, the 3 o’clock hour kills my very soul– it’s the hour when burnout sets in and the idea of going home permeates the mind. Do yourself a favor and get physical when your inspiration at work is at an all-time low. I have coworkers who take short walks, and they always come back pumped up and ready to attack the rest of the day. For me, a flash ab and squat workout has done wonders for idea generation and inspiration for future projects.

Consult a friend. 

Sometimes, you just need to vent. Consulting a creative friend about your lack of inspiration will always put things into perspective. They are usually more than willing to help you come up with a solution. More importantly, such creative friends will always challenge you to think outside of the box. In fact, a very conversation with them could get some new ideas flowing.

Visit your happy place.  

We as humans tend to associate places with certain feelings, certain vibes. For me, I equate the beach with peace and happiness, and I am most inspired when I’m at peace. Life’s stressors can drag you down, making you feel crippled and hopeless. However, the sound of the waves at the beach has a way of making me forget about my problems, almost instantly. Some of my most profound thoughts, ideas, and meetings have happened on the coast. Find your happy place, and visit it when you need a creative pick-me-up.