Using Poshmark To Recycle Your Closet

I wrote a post on must-have fashion apps, and Poshmark was at the top of my list. I recently added some new pieces to my wardrobe, and in turn needed to do some semi-annual closet cleaning. So I thought, “out with the old, in with the new,” in efforts to inspire other fashionistas and make room for more denim. This is how I’m using Poshmark to recycle my closet.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 7.18.25 PM

Before going through your closet and pulling out everything that you don’t wear and attempting to sell it, think about the trends and demand. If it’s a dated, awful top that you would judge someone else for wearing, forget it! You’ll want to only sell the good stuff, things that are gently worn and relevant enough to be revived; think your once favorite dress that has made one too many Instagram appearances. Bonus points for any brand new items with the tags attached. Accessories and unopened makeup are also popular items to sell. Here are some recommended tips to maximize your selling experience on the app.

  • Take photos of items in good lighting to assure the most accurate representation of colors and texture.
  • Write creative product descriptions, and note any imperfections or information about sizing that your buyer needs to know.
  • Interact with other users to increase your following. Like and share listings that you’re interested in and join ‘Posh Parties’ to discover and sell more.
  • List your items at 40-75% off the original prices.
  • Pack with love. Don’t just throw your packages together when you ship. Poshmark suggests including a handwritten thank you note and ribbon. They provide the shipping label for you.
  • The more items in your closet, the better. This increases your visibility and following. I started with 13 listings, and I gained 100 followers in the first few hours after creating my account.
  • Connect your social media accounts to the app. This will automatically generate a post each time you create a new listing, increasing interest and keeping eyes on your closet.

Take your earnings from the items you sell and create a fashion fund for the next time you go shopping. If you’re already a user, let’s connect!