Street Style: My Favorite Skateboarding Look

I had taken a hiatus from skating until this Spring. Between work, and day-to-day life, it can be a challenge to make time for your hobbies. However, over the past couple of years, skateboarding, much like writing has become more of a necessity than hobby, when it comes to my sanity. I don’t claim to be a great skater– let’s be honest, I’m not trying to risk it all for a kickflip, or even an ollie at this point. But, the sense of freedom associated with skating is intoxicating. I’ve learned to become one with my board. Cruising and kick-pushing around feel great to me.

Comfort is my number one priority when I dress to skateboard, which is why I always skate in denim. I typically go for a pair of skinny jeans with some stretch– I’m OBSESSED with my J.ING cropped skinny jeans. I love how versatile these jeans are. The early 2000s wash and distressing make them perfect for skating, or dating. I can’t wait to style these jeans for a brunch look in the future– stay tuned! Another muse, of course, is my Embleu cropped sweatshirt. This up-and-coming brand has some really cool, casual pieces for an athleisure vibe. These two pieces made the perfect pair for a skating session.

I always dress assuming that I will fall, which is a strong possibility, most of the time. My latest skateboarding look combines androgyny with feminine vibes, complimenting my personality, on and off the board.

I had the bright idea of skating on a the rooftop of a parking structure in Downtown, LA, because, why not? Sure, I nearly got stuck in the parking structure, as I overstayed the 4 p.m. limit. Somehow, I made it out to tell the tale. Check out my video for some carefree, less than stellar shredding and close-ups of my favorite skateboarding look to date!

Produced By: Battle Cry Media

Music: Daft Punk – ‘Voyager’

Denim: J.ING

Sweatshirt Embleu Clothing Co.

Shoes: Adidas 

Bag: Forever 21