My Lists: 5 Lifestyle Products For a Good Vibe Summer

It’s officially summer! All of the spring workouts and lifestyle challenges have paid off, and it’s time to enjoy the season. Are you guys excited? I certainly am. But, I get it: the transition from Spring to summer isn’t always easy. In fact, there is always that bit of anxiety that comes with reaching the middle of the year. You may feel an urge to live faster, as if you’ve been progressing slowly through the first half of the year.

Trust me, you’re maintaining the correct pace. You are right where you need to be on your journey.  Just focus on keeping your glow and having a great time this summer. Good vibes only, remember?

Below are some of my favorite products that have helped me transition into summer. Check them out!


Solgar Evening Primrose Oil Softgels (1300 MG)

My awesome friend, who’s a Registered Nurse and the creator of Flit Life, recommended I try evening primrose oil for my PMS symptoms. I did some more research on the supplement and discovered that evening primrose oil can aid in the treatment of hormonal acne, due to its omega-6 fatty acids. It helps to balance hormones, so I decided to give it try. I’ve been taking this supplement for about two months on a semi-consistent basis, and have noticed that I’m not as bitchy as normal during ovulation and right before my period. I plan on beginning to take them two times a day as directed. I’ll be sure to report back on the skin results.

IKEA Candle Holder

Candles have aided in my grounding journey this month; I love to burn them when I meditate. But let’s be honest, who has time to peel off the TJ Maxx price sticker? I don’t, but I do love to have my candles on display in my apartment.

My occasional guests don’t need to know I paid $7.99, so I decided to buy this cute candle holder on my most recent IKEA trip– they have a great selection.

It adds a nice decorative touch to any small to medium sized candle.

Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3

It never fails: Anytime I straighten my hair, a few of my curls loose their bounce and luster. Heat damage is the worst, especially when you wear your hair curly most of the time. I had recently gotten my hair colored and flat ironed.

After I lived my best life with my straight hair for 1.5 weeks, my curls had seen better days. I tried the Olaplex at-home treatment, and after one use, I noticed less frizz and more shine.

My curls still needed a little love. After a couple more uses, the curls were in much better shape and were receiving moisture products much better.

Holmes Organics CBD Oil Tincture (500 MG)

I had written about all the amazing benefits of CBD earlier this year. I recently started taking it directly. It has been my Monday savior after the last couple of wild and fun weekends I’ve had this month. I even took it for my cramps yesterday morning, and I feel great!

You guys should seriously try CBD– I promise it won’t give you a high, but you will feel awesome.

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask

I belong to a random population of people who get lip eczema when the season changes. Seriously, what is this? I’m so over it. Anyway, the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask is my jam! It is the only product, short of a hydrocortisone cream, that helps get my lips back together. The skin on the lips is super sensitive, and you’re not supposed to put hydrocortisone on your lips unless directed by a doctor. Trust me, this lip mask is the next best thing. Buttery soft lips make for a good vibe summer.