A college buddy just got married. An old coworker just started a business. Your roommate just got a huge promotion, and you struggled to come up with last month’s rent. Whatever the scenario, you probably discovered it from mindlessly scrolling on social media. We’re human, and in the digital age we’re currently living, it is far too common to compare ourselves to our peers. This peer comparison often leaves us feeling like we’re lacking something. Trust me, we are not. YOU are not. You’ve got everything you need, right now. You’re good, love.

I challenge you to dig deep, and ask yourself, what is the point in comparing myself to others? What does it do for me? To me, it’s a constant joy thief and waste of emotional energy, so I stopped stacking my life up against that of others. It really is that easy.

Taking a social media break can be helpful, as it will give you time to actually focus on yourself and your personal goals. Productivity starts when screen time ends.

I’m not telling you to give up the Internet. Simply practice consciousness when scrolling. I made a Facebook post at the beginning of the year that you may find helpful.

Are you guys still with me? Good.

Now, let’s get into my latest look, which reflects the notion of self-love and appreciation, mixed with a little bit of fashion, and a whole lot of desert. In case you haven’t noticed, skating in the desert has become an annual tradition for me. Get it how you live.

Inspiration: Realizing that I can combine as many trends as I want into one look, and take up whatever hobbies I want because I am ME, and that is my core competency.

Headband: Zara

Graphic Tee: Melody Ehsani

Denim & Leather: Zara

Lipstick: Too Faced Peach Kiss Moisture Matte Long Wear Lipstick in ‘Drunk Dial’

Sneakers: Nike (Currently marked down at Lady Foot Locker– not ideal for skateboarding but still, comfortable AF)

Share one thing that you appreciate about yourself with me in the comments!

2 thoughts

  1. This is so on time! You are SO right. What even is the point?! This year for me is so much about not comparing myself to others as I literally did it my entire life. I appreciate the fact that I have learned when I need to break the mindless social media scrolling because it is so counterproductive to what I’m trying to do which is not compare. I have my social media breaks down to a science and they are so freeing. Absolutely love the look btw!

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    1. Thanks, girl! This is so important. We have places to go and comparison won’t get us there. Those social media breaks are major key! It gets hard for me working as a social media specialist but I have to disconnect or take a step back from my personal accounts occasionally.


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