3 Uses For Apple Cider Vinegar That Will Help You Live Your Best Life

There are few substances that I hold more dear than Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). Some of you are reading this thinking, God, I can’t even get past the smell of that stuff. But, bear with me. ACV holds me down in more ways than one. As a matter of fact, if I had to scrap every health and beauty product in my collection, I could probably get by with ACV, water and coconut oil– no joke. However, I’m a product junkie, so that won’t be happening any time soon, but I will be continuing to reap all the great benefits of ACV in my overall wellness regimen. Here are three ways I use ACV to live my best life. Thank me later.

ACV Scalp Rinses To Keep Hair Healthy 

I was introduced to ACV when I first got into the natural hair community. With my low-porosity hair type, I struggled with product buildup and a dry, itchy scalp. ACV was an ingredient that always came up when I was searching for ways to clarify my scalp without having to use drying shampoos. So, after some research,

I decided to make my own concoction which has now become my go-to scalp treatment. Simply dilute a tablespoon of ACV in one cup of purified water, and add a few drops of your favorite hair oil (I use jojoba oil, because it mimics the skin’s sebum). Pour in an applicator bottle and store in your shower for wash days.

I have gotten into the habit of using the ACV rinse every other time I cleanse my hair. Simply wet your hair and apply the solution directly to your scalp. I like to do this before shampooing, but it’s perfectly fine to do it between shampooing and conditioning.

ACV Spray To Maintain pH Balance Of Lady Parts  

This is by far my favorite use for ACV, because healthy lady parts matter. For those of you who don’t know much about how pH balance works, here’s the one liner: it’s an acid-alkaline balance in your body’s organs. For vaginal health specifically, a more acidic range is considered healthy. Think of it as the balance of good bacteria and bad bacteria in your vagina. Once this balance is offset, and there is more bad than good bacteria, you can develop infections– no thanks.

So, in a handy spray bottle (which also lives in my shower), I keep another ACV solution- 2 tbsp ACV + 1 and 1/2 cup purified water.

Anytime, I feel weird or off-balance down, I spritz a few times, and rinse with water. Easy. It’s best to use even when you feel the slightest onset of an infection or irritation. This spray usually mitigates the issue after a few days and saves you that awful trip to urgent care. You’re welcome.

ACV Shots To Keep Your Digestion And Immune System On Point

A shot of ACV a day, helps keep the common cold and other undesirable conditions away. However, I highly advise against taking actual shots, which could be harmful over time. Be sure to dilute ACV in water or tea. I love to put a couple tablespoons of ACV in green or ginger tea to help soothe a sore throat or as a light internal detox. ACV can help with digestion if taken before a meal. Personally, I love to drink it before bed, so it can do its thing overnight. I find that I typically have more energy the next morning. Give it a try!

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