There was something about it,

Something about the universe.

You weren’t meant to get that job.

Maybe you were meant to hurt. 

Temporary lows always bring new highs. 

New highs bring deep sighs,

When, of course, you catch the vibes.

Exhale worry. Inhale hope. 

Love ain’t here for you right now. 

That’s okay, because when you catch them, 

The energy will show you how:

How to receive love in its entirety, 

How to let go of what’s hurting you,

How the soul can both radiate and levitate, 

Without life deserting you, 

How a complete stranger can be an angel, 

And speak prophecy on your life,

And how you’ll know they’re not lying,

And how it’ll feel just right. 

Why you shouldn’t take that last drink, 

And listen to that faint voice,

Telling you to get out of a space before it’s too late,

And you won’t have a choice.

You see, life occurs in waves,

Both high and low tide.

To survive, become one with the energy,

because the vibes don’t lie.