Broken Bottle Series: Hope

Will we ever truly be at peace with our own minds? God only knows. The world isn’t the prettiest place, but it– much like me– was created with beautiful intentions. It was created with hope.

If you reflect long enough, you will experience every emotion imaginable. Feelings that were buried deep inside will rise to the surface, and healing will come. Suppression is self-oppression. Your being can only contain so much, mentally and emotionally. Sometimes, you just have to come clean with yourself. Cleanse your mind and spirit.

It is unlikely that I will fulfill every dream, crush every goal, and inspire every soul, but I have hope. Time escapes us, and things change, but we must maintain hope.

A life without hope is a life restricted, and one which is void of true liberty. Hope is the only thing constant in my life, the only thing keeping me going. I’ve lived through dark times when hope was the only vital sign I had, and today, it’s all that I have. I get lonely as fuck. It sucks. But, it is the anticipated joy that precedes the thought of finding true connection that inspires me– the hope.

The possibility of finding oneness with another being lingers in my mind. One day. It is the mere thought of touching someone in a deep and personal way through my words that sends vibrations through my soul.

I just want to spread these authentic vibes. I want everyone who reads this to feel them. I don’t ever want the bottle to get so full that I lose hope.