Broken Bottle Series: Acknowledge

Tell me that I’m beautiful;

tell me I’m creative.

Compliment my wit,

Not my body, in a state of,

gratitude, not attitude; chill.

Just let me set these trends,

And let me keep things real,

clever, unique, and thought-provoking,

just the way that I like them.

I peep all your secret admirers,

But I will never spite them.

All I ever wanted was love,

just a sprinkle, honey.

While you become the perfect mirror.

I’m more valuable than money.

But you fail to acknowledge,

those who inspire you.

You fail to acknowledge the fire,

In those who desire you.

You fail to acknowledge my words,

because they convict you,

give you cognitive dissonance,

and internally conflict you.

You won’t call things as they are,

because you know, deep down,

I’m a star that shines too bright,

for the likes of a clown.

You fail to acknowledge me.

Why do you fail to acknowledge me?