Broken Bottle Series: Intro

What is the Broken Bottle Series?

The world we live in is both beautiful and tragic. People suffer, and they triumph. Life occurs in cycles, and one’s life is a collection of experiences, both good and bad. Writing my entire life story would be pointless, as the story would need to be altered relentlessly. The only thing that would remain constant would be the events that have occurred over the years. Yet, my perception of such events changes with time. In recent weeks, I’ve had ample time to reflect on various life experiences, speculating on their significance, experimenting with my reactions to them, and searching for the words that would best describe how I felt in those moments and how I feel now.

After revisiting experiences that hurt me through edgy and progressive poetry, I sought healing through a freestyle writing session.


Hear me out.

As a young black woman, there is a strong tendency to be reactive to life. It’s an unspoken expectation. We’re supposed to just take all the bullshit that is thrown our way. We’re taught to stay strong and told “just deal with it,” or “take it to The Lord,” while completely disregarding our own mental health. We’re supposed to let our emotions build up to the point of numbness. We’re supposed to accept disrespect and unrealistic expectations as the norm. In addition, we’re supposed to do all of this shit without seeking a therapist, or even speaking on it.

Optimism is bliss, and hope is what keeps me going. However, in my core burns a fire, one which is fueled by resentment of those who choose judgement over love and logic over intuition. In my soul exists a bottle full of untold sentiments that stem from my deep disdain for inhibition and conformity.

So, I’m breaking the bottle.

I hope you enjoy reading these pieces as much as I enjoy shattering them across the Internet.