Self-Love Challenge

April is synonymous with rain. However, those storms are necessary to bless the soil, so that flowers can bloom in May. When I think of May, I always think of new beginnings, a time to grow, and a time to shine like the sun on summer’s eve.

This month, I am doing things a bit differently. I’m teaming up with magical new kid on the block, Genesis Guyse as we challenge ourselves to create healthy habits on the journey to unconditional self-love. Our 30-day self-love challenge is open to anyone who aspires to live their best possible life.

Each week, we will be focusing on an important theme that we feel cultivates self-love. This challenge is more than a collection of words; we will pair our daily blog posts with rituals that are proven to bring happiness, and through daily affirmations and acknowledgment of our gratitudes, good vibes are sure to bloom.

Today, Genesis and I define self-love and what it means to us.

Self-love is defined as “regard for one’s own happiness or advantage.” Commonly equated with conceit and narcissism, the term often carries a negative connotation. However, I believe that self-love is positive, and furthermore, necessary to live an effective life.

For me, self-love is the unfiltered, unapologetic devotion to one’s own mental and physical health. From one’s emotional well-being to one’s spirituality, self-love is the avenue by which a constant state of happiness is achieved. Without it, one may feel incomplete, depressed, worthless, or unable to realize their full potential. In the absence of self-love, loving others is virtually impossible.

I hope you stick around for the ride. We’ll be bringing you fresh, organic content to make loving yourself that much easier. Think of it as your daily tea, and be sure to check out my girl’s journey over at Genesis Dreaming. Vibes x dreams.