Overcast Beach Day: Layers, Knits, and Denim

The Los Angeles forecast is notorious for misleading you to the beach. If it’s 83 degrees in the city, it’s probably 10 degrees cooler on the Coast. I took my first beach trip of the season a couple of weeks ago. I left my apartment in Mid City L.A., and it was toasty out. As I drove toward Venice, the sun seemed to disappear and I noticed an eerie fog that resembled thick smoke– the marine layer I had dreaded. What was supposed to be the perfect beach day turned into the perfect excuse for me to throw on some layers and capture some overcast beach photos.No sun, no problem. I still rocked some major shades.

Denim: AG Jeans

Bra: Calvin Klein Jeans

Tank Top: FRAME

Jacket: Zara

Sunglasses: Zero UV

Earrings: Aldo

Lipstick: SEPHORA Collection