Here’s What To Do With That Denim Jacket You Never Wear

Vintage fashion is in the eye of the beholder. Denim is timeless. The beauty of the fabric is its ability to transcend eras.

My greatest closet hack is to constantly find ways to repurpose my wardrobe.

I had at least four denim jackets when I was in high school, and my greatest mistake was to get rid of all of them. However, I purchased a new, yet classic one in 2009, at a time where denim jackets weren’t quite on the cusp of fashion. I just knew it would come in handy. Back then, I wore it solely over plaid shirts and the occasional sundress. Eight years later, I have found its new purpose, a canvas for self-expression. If you’re thinking about tossing your old denim jacket, think again.

I had recently begun to collect pins from concerts, boutiques, and networking events. My Pinterest scrolling addiction exposes me to every denim trend imaginable. In fact, a friend and I have a shared board dedicated to denim and lipstick where we find and pin an unnecessary amount of dope denim and lip looks. This carefully curated board is pretty much my inspiration for pushing the envelope when it comes to California’s new official state fabric.

With the recent resurgence of patches, pins, and embroidery, it was only right to resurrect my old reliable Gap denim jacket.

I have added adornments that express personality, causes I support, and both today’s popular and counter cultures.