The Bite Beauty Lab And My Love For Customizable Lipstick

Lipstick is the ultimate accessory. It is a small, yet bold detail of a woman’s self-expression. Until my dream of becoming a famous lipstick designer is realized, there is always the Bite Beauty Lip Lab in Soho, New York City, and not to mention, those trendy beauty pop-up shops in L.A.


Bite Beauty is one of my favorite brands, because it uses some of the best, most natural ingredients. I discovered the brand at Sephora. I soon fell in love with Bite’s edible formulas, because they make my lips feel like butter, and look like fashion. I paid a visit to the lab when I was in New York and created a custom lipstick. There were literally almost 200 shades.


The whole experience was dope. The Lip Lab Artists greeted me and put me on the waitlist (piece of advice: make an appointment, because this place is always packed). I went to grab brunch, came back, and there were still some folks in ahead of me on the waitlist. I have to give a major shoutout to the artists for accommodating me when I had to catch a flight a few hours later. I never felt rushed or pressured to pick a particular shade.

I originally was going for a dark blue shade, which I would name, Denim. But, instead, I tried on some violet colors, then eventually opted for a deep green. What’s so cool about this shade is that it goes on so dark that it appears black, and with about an hour of wear, it lightens up to a gorgeous emerald green.


Once I settled on my color, I chose a the popular Amuse Bouche cream finish and the fresh citrus scent. Golden. You get to watch the artists mix up your lipstick, freeze it, and package it.


My affinity for customizable lipstick did not start at The Bite Beauty Lip Lab. In fact, I had attended a Yves Saint Laurent Beauty pop-up shop here in L.A. about a month prior to my New York trip. Now, this shop featured some of YSL Beauty’s most coveted shades and complimentary lipstick engraving.


It’s safe to say that this experience inspired me to go a step further with Bite Beauty. You guys may think I’m joking, but give me 10 solid years, and I’ll be maintaining my own lipstick empire.