Los Angeles, New York, And My Little Tattoo

Weekends provide the perfect opportunity to relax. However, I relaxed two weekends ago, so this time around, I planned things a bit differently. I needed some excitement, some unconventional soul surfing, and I’ll admit, I needed to catch some new vibes. 2016 (and at this rate, the beginning of 2017) was rough, so once I saw that cross-country flight drop below $275, I jumped on it, and decided to treat myself to a weekend trip to New York. Yes, I left 70 degree L.A. weather to head to New York in January.

I had been planning to get a tattoo for at least a month prior to traveling to New York. I wanted it to be simple, meaningful, small, and virtually invisible. I consulted a few friends, went back in forth, and almost punked out before I settled on the design and placement and followed through. I originally was going to get the Holy Cross, in the form of a ring inked on my left ring finger, because I figured that even if I never married, I would be married to the love of The Creator. That idea seemed like a lot more pressure on me, and I’m pretty sure that even God may have  found that location a bit somber. Besides, I want halfway decent engagement ring photos, one day. Then I thought to myself, “it will be a little less intense, if I get it on my right ring finger.” That idea also didn’t make the cut. So, I did some more thinking.

I always reference L.A. as the place where I both lost and found myself. I found a new home in the City of Angels, and my whole journey here has been symbolic.

The struggle to navigate my adult life and travel deeper into my own soul has been met with adversity, sacrifice, and at times, sheer judgement. The more I glow up, the more self-aware I become.

If I have learned anything from my journey, I’ve learned that I am above no one, and no one is above me. We all have angels and demons. What is even more profound is the unique frames of reference we possess as individuals.

I won’t always be able to see things clearly from the perspectives of others, but I can be a little more human in my efforts to understand before pointing a finger. Think twice before you point the finger– this thought came to my mind as I decided to get the Holy Cross tattooed on my inner index finger.

This ink is symbolic of my faith, the sacrifices that were made for me, and love. The placement on my index finger is a a daily reminder to refrain from judging others, because it is not my job, nor will it do any good. I could not be happier with my decision to make that commitment to myself and let it live forever on my temple.