Featured: Three Lipstick Shades To Try This Fall with Piaget & Michelle

A common love for lipstick, acting, and dream chasing brought Piaget Ventus and Michelle Meredith together. Now they’re inspiring thousands of women on Instagram to go bold with different shades of lipstick. Their clever account willitlookgoodonmetho has been featured in POPSUGAR, and the concept is quite simple:

Different skintones to help answer the question: will it look good on you? A lipstick guide by amateurs for amateurs.

Piaget and Michelle’s quirky captions for their photos reminded me so much of the conversations between my roommate and I that I wanted to learn more about the ladies behind the lipstick. So, I selected my three favorite lip colors for fall for the girls to rock on Instagram, and I got to pick their brains a bit too.

Shade 1 | Burnt Orange | The Lip Bar lipstick in ‘Conceited’ 


How did you two meet?

MICHELLE: We met in college. We were both Theater majors at Michigan State University. 

PIAGET: We really got close on a roadtrip across country to L.A. after we graduated.

MICHELLE: Good times. 

How did you come up with the idea to create the “willitlookgoodonme” Instagram account? 

PIAGET: We both just love makeup– lipstick specifically. It just kind of organically happened.

MICHELLE: Yeah, we noticed after swapping lipstick shades how different they’d look, and realized other people might find it interesting and helpful too. 

What do you hope to accomplish with the account? 

PIAGET: I just love encouraging people to play around with colors or brands they might not have known about or would have dared to try.

MICHELLE: Yeah, what was born out of a desire to “find the perfect shade” has really just become an exercise in confidence. There is no perfect shade. It’s whatever you feel good in, no matter your skintone, no matter what anyone says.

Shade 2 | Hunter Green | OCC Lip Tar in ‘Blackboard’


What’s your favorite lip color you all have rocked so far? 

PIAGET: I always love a good purple! So Ayesha by Kat Von D! For sure!

MICHELLE: How can we choose? I’ve really fallen for the brighter, weirder shades. Piaget has some fantastic bold colors from brands I hadn’t tried before- like Coloured Raine and LA Splash. Vindictive– the first color we tried on the account– is definitely a favorite. The three fall shades we tried for you are also ones I’m obsessed with! 

Besides being ‘amateur’ lipstick guides in you spare time, what do you ladies do for a living? 

PIAGET: We both went to school for Acting and that is what we are actively perusing now in L.A. 

MICHELLE: Which of course means we juggle a lot of odd jobs in between acting gigs. I walk dogs, babysit and, park cars; whatever it takes, and whatever is flexible so I can make it to auditions when they come. 

Shade 3 | Copper | Who Is She Cosmetics Lip Composite in ‘9-5’


What is your passion? 

MICHELLE: Acting, storytelling, and connecting to other people through film and television. 

PIAGET: Yeah, besides lipstick of course, acting is what I’m really focused on. Our Instagram account has been a really fun way to connect our love for performing with our love for makeup, actually. 

MICHELLE: We get to showcase our personalities in our styling, our captions, and our videos. It’s a great creative outlet. We’re really lucky that people seem to enjoy it and relate.  

What advice do you have for girls on the hunt for their perfect lipstick shade?  

PIAGET: Confidence is really what makes for a great lipstick shade! 

MICHELLE: Yep. The perfect shade is whatever shade you want it to be– and don’t let anyone tell you different!