Featured: Remmi Barene Dolphin Creates Sustainable Style With Denim Rose Jewelry

Remmi Barene Dolphin


Favorite pair of jeans: My H&M skinny jeans, which I plan to fit back into in about 2 months. I just had a baby girl.”

Favorite lippie: Emani Vegan Lip Shine in ‘Oh Lala’

Passion: “Finding non conventional ways to reduce my carbon footprint.”

Remmi Barene Dolphin is making her dreams a reality in Los Angeles, the world’s denim capital. “I had a dream one night. The next day, I woke up and wrote it down so I wouldn’t forget,” says the 33 year-old entrepreneur who found an innovative way to repurpose scrap denim into sustainable fashion jewelry.

Dolphin was inspired to create Denim Rose Jewelry after learning that the average person throws away 80 pounds of textile waste each year. She thought,

There had to be something I could do on my end to reduce my output.

All Denim Rose earrings are entirely handmade and set on lead-free sterling silver. Dolphin begins by drawing out the shapes for her designs, some more complex than others. Then, she creates her own stencils and sews on the thread. Each completed piece of jewelry weighs less than an ounce. Dolphin includes a small handcrafted carrying pocket with each pair of earrings. All remaining denim scraps are then sent to an ongoing recycling program.

Dolphin, who grew up in Nigeria, decided to model one of her designs after Africa. The unique pair of earrings named “Cultured Denim” is her bestseller. “Young girls and women alike love the design,” she says.


Dolphin has even bigger plans for Denim Rose Jewelry in the future, including expanding her collection. “I plan to add a few more designs to my catalog, and eventually sell on an international level,” she says.

Denim Rose Jewelry is available online. Connect with the emerging brand on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates. For questions, email denimrosejewelry@gmail.com.