I had the pleasure of meeting Marianne McDonald, Designer of MCGUIRE Denim. I had fallen in love with her denim brand because its story so deeply resonated with me and my Denim & Lipstick story. “Dreamed up in New York, made real in Los Angeles,” is strikingly similar to this blog’s welcome video, in which bold words, “Conceived in a dream, born in Los Angeles,” grace the screen.

What me and McDonald have in common is the courage to make our dreams a reality in the City of Angels. MCGUIRE Denim has been around for about two years and has focused on vintage silhouettes that flatter the modern-day woman. Popular fits include their flare jeans and the ‘Newton Skinny,’ which I’m wearing below. I’ve honestly never had a skinny jean fit me so well! Check out how I styled these beauties. Two words: urban chic.



Jeans: MCGUIRE Denim


Sneakers: Puma

Keep up with MCGURE Denim on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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