When you’re approaching age 30, a lot of thoughts come to mind. For me, those thoughts include choosing to day-drink instead of hitting the streets at night, partaking in more refined activities, and struggling to justify trendy outfits with an intentional midriff. After thinking things through, I decided to attend the Beverly Hills artSHOW Saturday.

I went back and forth with a friend about outfit options. I recall declaring via text, “Some artists wear all black. I might wear jeans and my ‘starving artist’ t-shirt, but maybe that would be too cliché.” After changing about three times, I opted for a bit more color, and I rocked a cropped top with no shame. I love layers, so I added a denim chambray top to my look. For the record, a little black bra strap never hurt anyone. Here’s what I wore:





Denim: Joe’s Jeans mid-rise skinny

Lips: NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Vintage + Colourpop Lippie Stix in Dalia

Top: Style Xpress (Culver City) + Old Navy chambray top

Jewelry: Old Navy + Aldo

Sunglasses: Old Navy

Shoes: Steve Madden loafers

Bag: Topshop


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