Would you sleep with someone for a job?

Tea anyone? It all started when he offered you a cup of tea, or coffee, or something a tad bit stiffer at a bar. After a bit of small talk, the guy who bought you a drink claims he can hook you up with the perfect gig. You’re just a girl, young, and depending on the circumstances, either naive, or hip. You live in a top-five city– let’s just say Los Angeles– and you’re searching for a job.

At this point, you begin to look at everyone you meet as a valuable connection, because you can never be sure who knows who. Your next friend may be your best friend. The next guy you meet may be the CEO of NoFucksGiven Inc. You moved to the city knowing you would either sink or swim, and as you vow to never sink, your perspective shifts, and your inner-opportunist begins to permeate your social interactions.

You become desperate without showing it, and you adopt the ‘do whatever it takes’ attitude in your job search without realizing that it may entail doing other people.

Have you ever thought of what you would do if someone asked you for a sexual favor in exchange for a job offer? If not, you should probably start thinking about it, because as wild as it is, this type of arrangement happens all the time, especially in L.A. How do you think these talentless people land all the great entertainment gigs? How do you think actors rise to prominence so quickly? Wake up. These people are shamelessly screwing their way to the top.

Unless you are seeking a career in the adult film industry, chances are you need not sleep with anyone for a job. No shade to those who do, although, I’m pretty sure they could have landed a job without giving it up. It may have simply taken a bit longer.

Take a deep breath. There’s a good chance you won’t be asked for such a favor in your career search. However, don’t be surprised if you are. In other words, you are not exempt. Some people are outlandish and some companies are corrupt. It’s a sad reality.

I mentally prepare for that day all the time. I hypothetically place myself in a situation where I have met an executive of a company that I really admire, and I am asked to throw my morals out the window in pursuit of what seems to be the perfect job opportunity. And every time I think of what I would do, these thoughts come to mind.

What if I screw this guy and he doesn’t even offer me the job? NOT worth it.

Is my body really only worth $50k?

What if I get the job and hate it? I will have wasted a lay.

What if I get the job but I’m not protected from the layoffs to come? FAIL.

What if word gets out in the industry? I value my reputation.

Will I ever truly feel successful knowing I sold out for this job?

If he asks me during the interview, I’m going to have have my Snapchat ready, so I can record and expose the scum bag.

To answer my own question: Hell no.

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