The Best Natural Oils For Your Hair Type

The beauty world has been obsessed with the benefits of nature’s oils for hair health. These essential oils tend to be packed with vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants. Some even possess antiseptic properties. Many oils are great for routine use, promoting longer, healthier hair.

Essential oils vary in texture and weight. Incorporating the natural oils that are best for you in your hair regimen can help to keep your locks hydrated, reduce hair loss and breakage, and promote hair growth.

Fine Hair

Macadamia and argan oil are classified as dry oils. These types of oils are great for fine hair, as they absorb into the strands quickly. Macadamia oil is reconstructive and adds shine to dull, limp hair. Argan oil is high in vitamin E and antioxidants, making it perfect for repairing those damaged strands.

Medium Hair

Jojoba and extra virgin olive oil are ideal for medium hair. Jojoba oil is known for its similarities to human sebum, your skin’s natural oil. This explains why its weight is great for those with medium hair. It will moisturize the hair and scalp without weighing it down. Olive oil, one of the most popular carrier oils, aids in frizz reduction.

Thick or Coarse Hair

Coconut and castor oil are best for thick or coarse hair. They are heavier than many other essential oils; a little goes a long way. Coconut oil is antifungal and antibacterial. It is solid at room temperature, making it the best carrier oil for DIY hair butters and pre-poo treatments. Castor oil increases blood flow in the scalp, aiding in hair growth. Not to mention, those with kinky, coarse hair can benefit from its intense moisturizing and detangling abilities.