In case you were wondering who the mysterious, quirky girl is behind Denim & Lipstick, it’s me, Kendra.

I am a passionate content creator and published writer with an MA in Communications Management from Webster University. I love life, fashion, art, beauty, and a good quote. My hobbies include taking risks and obsessing over denim and lipstick.

I thought it was cool to pack up my tiny coupe and leave my hometown, St. Louis, Missouri to start a new life on the West Coast. I came to Los Angeles with a seasonal retail gig and absolutely no place to live. I blogged about my journey on Tumblr. I hope my story can inspire other women to live their purpose and fearlessly follow their dreams. I created this magical space on the web in hopes to do just that– inspire.

Denim & Lipstick is one big party for amazing, creative women who love to express themselves through personal style.


Unless submitted and attributed to an author, all content posted on Denim & Lipstick is a gift from me to you. If you want to share your amazing lifestyle content to my community of powerful women, submit a post.

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