My Coffee Shop Chat With The Girls Behind Cake ⊽ Denim

Life is worth celebrating, and let’s face it: no celebration is complete without cake. I had the pleasure of chatting with the creators of new premium women’s denim brand, Cake Denim as they celebrated their 2018 launch.

Darrel and Dominique, the female entrepreneurs behind the eco-friendly denim brand are two sisters, just 18 months apart in age, who dared to leave their hometown, Norman, Oklahoma to fulfill their California dream. When they decided to create Cake ⊽ Denim, they aimed to make some serious strides in a male-dominated industry, and after our coffee shop chat, I knew these girls were going to kill it.

“We wanted to fix a problem we saw in the market when it came to jeans,” says Darrel. The sisters grew tired of women lamenting when it came to finding the perfect pair of jeans, so they decided to do something about it.

Their decision to launch Cake ⊽ Denim was met with some resistance from potential suppliers and manufacturers. The greatest challenge was overcoming the noes they received at factories. “The guys are the ones doing all of the factory work. They will tell you that’s never been done before, I don’t think it’s gonna look good. I don’t even know if it’s physically possible,” recalls Darrel. Getting the men to trust their vision regardless of initial doubt was perhaps the most satisfying part of the process.

Despite the roadblocks, Darrel and Dominique knew what they wanted, and they knew they had the know-how to accomplish their goal. “Denim just has such a science to it, and we have science backgrounds,” Darrel says;

We were trying to create the brand we never had. There aren’t that many female voices in denim.

Furthermore, many female denim brands focus on fit alone. Some denim enthusiasts may even argue that sacrificing the denim’s integrity to achieve the perfect fit is the only way to appease female buyers. Darrel and Dominique wanted to find a way around this. So, they searched and found the perfect fabric– an imported, eco-friendly, Italian denim. This responsibly sourced denim is dyed in pure indigo and free of harsh chemicals, and even better: it’s raw.

The use of eco-friendly raw denim is what sets Cake ⊽ Denim apart from other premium brands. “We do prefer raw denim. It’s more work, but it’s so beautiful, says Darrel. “Raw denim– that’s what it does, it contours to your body, the more you wear it,” she continued.

“We wanted to create a line that can grow with the consumer.”

After chatting with the ladies about their luxe denim brand, I had the pleasure of modeling samples of their most popular styles. Check out some of my favorite shots below, and follow Cake ⊽ Denim on Instagram to see more looks!